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I made the greatest disappointment of lifetime of taking a board with my 4 friends at Turkish desk in Cotonou Airport Benin Republic. This horrible experience happen on the 25/7/2018 when my friends and I are making our trip to Moscow in Russia for the fifa word cup competition.

On gotten to the airport for boarding which was around 7:00pm the officer at the Turkish desk who is to verify our fan ID and passport denied us access for boarding without any genuine reason. This incidents cause us numerous expenses at the airport for paying for another flight tickets.However the first ticket which we supposed to board with is slated for 25/7/18 to 11/8/18 while after been denied we now purchase another ticket which was slated for 27/8/18 to 5/8/18.

I will be glade to know the decision of your airline on this incident that cause beyond our budget. You can gladly mail me through ( Attached to this complaint is the denied tickets and the newly purchase ones.

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