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I was going from Ankara to Medina via İstanbul connected flight. My flight from Ankara to İstanbul was delayed because of a radar failure of the plane. It wasn’t because of weather conditions or something like force majure. I tried to explain to them that I would not be making my connecting flight from İstanbul to Medina, but they said that Turkish Airline staff in İstanbul were informed about the situation and they would make the plane wait in İstanbul in for us. (I wasn’t alone, we were 38 passangers in the same situation.)

When we arrived to İstanbul, the airplane hadn’t taken off yet. When I and my wife (and the other 36 people) went to the gate, they told me that they wouldn’t open the door despite the plane was stil on the ground. If they had delayed the flight of the plane 10 minutes, we would have been in Medina on time. Neither phone center nor the staff in the airport didn’t make us a satisfactory explanation to us.

They arranged another plane for the next day (12:30 pm). That plane was also delayed and took off at 15:00 finally.

After finalisaton of my ten days trip, I wrote to Turkish airlines customer services but i haven’t had a response yet. I lost one day for my regional and spiritual service because of Turkish Airlines. In the beginning, I paid 4.500 USD for the trip, but I missed my one day.

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Did you ever get a resolution to this?I am in the same situation, we had a flight from Dublin to Sharm El Sheikh via Istanbul.

The flight was delayed from Dublin, no explanation as to why. We missed our connecting flight to Sharm El Sheikh.

The next flight out wasnt for another 24 hours.

I made a complaint over 10 weeks ago and they keep fobbing me off when I ask for an update.Frustrated beyond belief.

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