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Dear Turkish Airlines,

I don't know where to start about my extremely bad experience with Turkish Airlines.

On February 25, I made an online reservation for my mother to fly from Washington DC to Istanbul and from Istanbul to Baku. Her date of departure was August 15, 2013. Her ticket number was: 2352105054209. She got sick and had to stay in Istanbul for a couple of days to get some treatment. So, on June 5, I called Turkish Airlines Washington DC office and asked if I could change the ticket from August 15 to August 19. The representative told me that it was possible but I had to pay 100 Euros penalty fee, I was ok with that and PAID 100 euros penalty fee. On August 19, my mother went to Istanbul Airport and was trying to get her boarding pass. The ticketing person, name TAHIREDDIN said that she could not get a boarding pass because her ticket wasnt RESERVED. My Mum showed him the ticket that I printed out for her, but he said THIS IS JUST A PAPER, I dont care, the ticket doesnt show in the system. Started arguing with my sick Mum just recovered from heart attack, and was very very rude to her. He told her she could either go buy ticket or SLEEP at the airport. My sister and Dad were traveling with her as well. My Mum has never flied by herself before. That TAHIREDDIN person told my Mum that the flight is full and she should have to wait. They blackmailed my Mum saying that it is up to her if she wants to pay for her ticket or not. What if she didnt have money on her? What would have happened to her?? What if she had another heart attack tehre, how would Turkish Airlines would pay for that.

My family went thru horrendous experience in Istanbul Ataturk airport. They bought her new tickets, number: 2352113605869 and she paid $750 for the ticket from Istanbul to Baku. Not only the experience was bad with extremely rude Turkish Airlines ticketing people, she had to pay for the ticket she already paid for. This is the Europe's BEST Air carrier??? The story doesnt end here. On Auggust 20, I called Turkish Airline Washington DC office to complain, the representative yelled at me and was very rude. I wonder if Turkish Airlines hires only rude people to represent them.

I am extremely pissed off and demand the refund!

Review about: Turkish Airlines Flight.

Monetary Loss: $850.

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